Here’s My Favorite Book- What’s Yours?

Winter is a my favorite time to snuggle on the recliner with a good book! If you enjoy reading and learning as half as much as I do, here are some terrific books I’ve been enjoying that you’ll want to add to your collection: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families  – This is an […]

Children and Volunteerism: Making the World a Better Place

Do you ever feel that the hectic holiday rushing takes the meaning and spirit out of these special times? Below, John Rosemond, author of Parenting by the Book offers some useful ideas to incorporate principles and morals into the holiday season: When President John F. Kennedy, in 1961, said “ask not what this country can […]

Progress, not Perfection

Progress, not Perfection Yesterday I noticed a bumper sticker in my dentist’s parking lot which read, “Progress, not perfection.” Hundreds of examples of how to apply that motto to childrearing rushed through my head as I made my way past that shiny sedan. Although most of those ideas flew right out of my brain by […]

Pursuit of Comfort

One of the greatest fallacies of our time is the mistaken social rule that “happiness means being comfortable”. When was the last time that you saw modern-day movie where the hero or heroine was happy to be in an impoverished and uncomfortable state? Advertisers play upon this unspoken rule by convincing us that pain need […]

You Can’t Teach It If You Don’t Know It!

If you were asked to deliver a lecture about marine biology in thirty minutes, would you be able to give a terrific speech? Probably not. And neither would I. How about if the subject was antique marble collecting? Or ancient Chinese weaving techniques? The point is: We cannot teach that which we do not know. […]