Back to School Tips to Get the Best Buys and Save

It’s time for that yearly journey to get back to school supplies and clothes. With all the great deals offered at the store, you might be tempted to buy clothing to carry your child through to spring. Fight that urge! You’ll just end up spending more money and wind up with clothes that don’t fit […]

Pool Party Fun on a Budget

Pool parties are fun for all ages. They can get expensive, but they don’t have to be. You just have to be a little bit creative! Here are some tips on how to host a fun pool party on a budget. 1. Re-Think “Pool” Renting a public pool for a private party can get pricey. […]

Budgeting Tips for Young Families

A lot of young families have it tough.  Newlyweds are learning how to live together, starting careers, buying houses, paying bills, having kids: it’s exhausting and it’s expensive. New parents get a crash course in budgeting as soon as kiddo #1 comes along, be it for weekly things like food and bills, big items like […]

The Secret to Having The Money Talk with your Kids!

Guest post by:  Lori Mackey Money, Money, Money, it’s all over the news, and parents are asking: How do I teach my kids the value of Money? Its simple just have “The Money Talk” and not just once… it’s an on going subject that should be part of your daily routine. Then it becomes as […]

Teaching Children About Money

How did you learn about the value of money? Did you learn from a lecture of your parents or teachers, from reading about it, or, umm, from personal experience handling your own finances?