Make Pizza Night More Healthy

Many parents avoid “pizza night” because they associate pizza with bad carbohydrates and being calorie laden with cheese. However, there are many forms of pizza that are more healthy. It’s just a matter of knowing what to look for to make pizza night more healthy for your family. If you are buying pizza from your […]

Parents Health and Safety Concerns About Public Pools

Public swimming pools are fun places where kids and adults can play, exercise, and socialize during the summer. Indoor pools, have an added advantage since you can swim all year round. Whether the pool is of the outdoor or indoor variety, parents have concerns about the health and safety of public pools. Here are some […]

Outdoor Activities For Dads, Kids, and Families

Father’s Day comes at the perfect time of year for kids to interact with their dads or father figures. The weather is warmer and that makes a great opportunity for quite a few fun outdoor activities. Not sure where to start? Here are a few things that Dad and the kids (or the whole family) […]

Father’s Day Activities: Frugal Fun for the Family

Father’s Day will be here before you know it. Have you thought about some Father’s Day activities for the family this year? Below is a list of activities you may want to consider to have fun on Father’s Day but not blow the family budget. Take Dad back with his childhood games & toys. When […]

Unusual Ice Cream Flavors – Recipes Kids Will Love

Kids of all ages love ice cream but plain vanilla or chocolate can be boring. If you or you’re kids crave cool and unusual flavors to beat the heat, you’ve come to the right place. Try out these unusual ice cream flavors and recipes kids will love. Ice cream comes in two basic styles; custard […]

Making Popsicles with Dad

Dads are often busy fellows who get short changed when it comes to spending time with kids. Being short on time doesn’t mean you can’t spend quality time with your kids, have fun and get a great snack in the bargain. Making popsicles with Dad is a great activity that everyone will enjoy. The first […]

Handmade Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Thinking of Father’s Day brings to mind an episode of Bill Cosby in which his youngest daughter, Rudy, made him a clay ashtray. “But I don’t smoke!” he smiled.  He went on to thank her anyway and said he would use it as a paperweight in his home office. For kids, thinking of Father’s Day […]

Special Gifts for Dad on Father’s Day

One of the best gift ideas for dad on Father’s Day is to give him the day off to have fun and relax. What better way than to engage in Father’s Day activities dad’s sure to love! Is dad a golfer? Take him to the golf range! As a surprise, present him with a driver! […]

Dads and Toddlers Bonding With Games and Activities

So, Dad, you want to play with your toddler but you think all the fun stuff is years away. Not so! In fact, you need to start building bonds and sharing experiences with your toddler as soon as possible. As a dad, you may find that you need a little help in coming up with […]

Memorial Day Activities Honor Veterans and Freedom

Memorial Day is a somber reminder of the men and women who fought and died in the name of freedom.  But, it is also a day to celebrate the lives of these brave people by engaging in a variety of activities. Here are several Memorial Day activities to help your family honor veterans. 1. Host […]