Make Pizza Night More Healthy

Many parents avoid “pizza night” because they associate pizza with bad carbohydrates and being calorie laden with cheese. However, there are many forms of pizza that are more healthy. It’s just a matter of knowing what to look for to … Continue reading

Should You Drop the Kids Off at the Pool or Stay?

Many parents who spent time at the pool unsupervised as children aren’t so sure they should do the same for their own kids.  Of course, every family is different and children vary in age and skill level. Some families have … Continue reading

Parents Health and Safety Concerns About Public Pools

Public swimming pools are fun places where kids and adults can play, exercise, and socialize during the summer. Indoor pools, have an added advantage since you can swim all year round. Whether the pool is of the outdoor or indoor … Continue reading

The Physical and Social Consequences of Teenage Smoking

If you haven’t seen the ads yet, smoking is both addictive and deadly. It can lead to cancers and disfigurement. But, many adult smokers began this habit when they were teenagers. Help your teen to realize what they are in … Continue reading

Stress Relief Tips for Teens and Parents of Teens

Stress is a person’s reaction to life changes. There is hardly a time  with more changes and stress than the teen years. This is true for the teens and the parents of teens!  Along with the life changes, there is … Continue reading

Ideas for Mom to Nurture and Pamper the Woman Within

As a wife and mother, you often think about the well-being of others before you think of yourself.  What you may not realize is that if you don’t nurture yourself, you can’t adequately take care of the ones you love. … Continue reading

Making Time for Yourself Benefits the Entire Family

As a mom, you have a difficult job on your hands.  You often wear many hats and are so busy that you can easily forget to make time for yourself.  You know the importance of taking time out but may … Continue reading

Winter Car Seat Safety Tips

The winter cold is descending on us, and many parents have a hard time figuring out how to keep their baby safe and still warm when traveling by car. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you … Continue reading

So Many Kids, So Many Pills

  There was a time when there as home remedy for everything. Medication was once considered a last resort. Oatmeal, vinegar and baking soda have been replaced by pills for every little ailment. Unfortunately, it appears this trend has been … Continue reading

Keeping Up With the Little One: Raising Your Energy Level

As a parent you have many obstacles to face. You become completely responsible for a whole new life. As your child grows, you as a parent grow also. The one obstacle that almost every parent faces is how to keep … Continue reading