Handmade Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Thinking of Father’s Day brings to mind an episode of Bill Cosby in which his youngest daughter, Rudy, made him a clay ashtray. “But I don’t smoke!” he smiled.  He went on to thank her anyway and said he would use it as a paperweight in his home office. For kids, thinking of Father’s Day […]

Special Gifts for Dad on Father’s Day

One of the best gift ideas for dad on Father’s Day is to give him the day off to have fun and relax. What better way than to engage in Father’s Day activities dad’s sure to love! Is dad a golfer? Take him to the golf range! As a surprise, present him with a driver! […]

Summer Camp – Preparing Your Child Ahead of Time

Summer camp is a tradition for many children. It allows them to spread their wings and get a taste of independence before they leave the nest completely. It also gives parents an opportunity to experience their first taste of an empty nest. Even if your child goes to summer camp every year, it doesn’t hurt […]

Memorial Day: Teaching Children the Meaning and History

Children love to celebrate and have fun. But they don’t always understand the reason behind the celebrations unless we tell them. You may be wondering how to teach children the meaning and importance of Memorial Day. Take a cue from the ideas below to help you. Most people think of Memorial Day as the first […]

Memorial Day Activities Honor Veterans and Freedom

Memorial Day is a somber reminder of the men and women who fought and died in the name of freedom.  But, it is also a day to celebrate the lives of these brave people by engaging in a variety of activities. Here are several Memorial Day activities to help your family honor veterans. 1. Host […]

Graduation Party Ideas for Parents on a Budget

When we graduated, we simply had a small gathering of friends, letting our parents entertain older family members. Today, things are a bit different when it comes to graduation parties.  Even so, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to give your child the best graduation party ever! Here are a few […]

Graduation Scrapbooking Ideas for a Special Gift

Soon, your children will either graduate from elementary school, middle school, high school, or college. What a proud and exciting time this will be. There are likely to be tons of digital pictures taken to capture every moment, but you can add a bit more depth to graduation memories by creating a graduation scrapbook to […]

Gift Ideas for the High School Graduate

Graduation gifts today encompass many new and innovative ideas. Unlike when we graduated, when a party at home or dinner out was all our parents could afford, today there are a multitude of ideas utilized for the graduate. Here are some great high school graduation gift ideas for you to consider. If your child is […]

Finding Quality Time for Young Children During the Holidays

The holidays seem to “belong” to young children. So many social customs and family traditions revolve around children and the magic of the season. Still, in this day and age, the holidays can get very busy. Driving to visit family members, hosting out-of-town visitors, and covering all the bases can result in children spending a […]

Tips for Making Holiday Memories with Tweens and Teens

As parents, it’s often difficult to figure out how to spend quality time with your tween or teen in general, much less during the holiday season. The holidays present a distinct challenge for families. As blended families become more common, you may be faced with unfamiliar challenges. Tween and teens may find the holidays depressing […]