How to Encourage and Support Your Budding Chef

It’s important to encourage and support your budding chef with age appropriate activities and information. How can you encourage them, especially if you aren’t a stellar cook? Here are a few ideas…

Pizza Party for Kids Builds Social Skills

For kids, the idea of making a pizza of their own is probably just as thrilling as eating one. When you couple this with their creative flair and penchant for being a bit messy, you have a recipe for a great meal and fun activity. But, did you realize that you have an amazing opportunity […]

Homemade Pizza Dough Recipe

If you have ever had the experience of buying frozen pizza dough only to be disappointed when it does not turn out even remotely like pizza dough, then your best bet is to try your own. Making your own pizza dough does not have to be a complicated process. With a few simple ingredients, it […]

International Pizza Styles for Kids & Family

Pizza is typically thought of as originating in Italy with famous roots in Chicago and New York. However, there are many different international pizza styles for kids and the whole family to try. These pizzas may not be exactly what you would recognize as a pizza; but, they are similar. While “pizza” from other parts […]

Pizza Styles Add Variety to Family Meals

Although pizza is most well known and probably most well loved in its traditional, round style covered in sauce, mozzarella cheese, and basil, there are so many styles and types that it would be a shame if everyone did not know of at least a few more. If you have not tried any of the […]

Make Pizza Night More Healthy

Many parents avoid “pizza night” because they associate pizza with bad carbohydrates and being calorie laden with cheese. However, there are many forms of pizza that are more healthy. It’s just a matter of knowing what to look for to make pizza night more healthy for your family. If you are buying pizza from your […]

Teaching Young Children to Cook – Tips to Get Started

Young children love to be involved in whatever Mama and Daddy are doing. That includes helping in the kitchen while meals are being prepared. Even though they may not know how to cook, there are easy things  young children can do to begin learning how to cook. Before you think about teaching your child to […]

Raising Vegetarian Kids

Guest post by:  Olivia Van Buren “That is MEAT!,” my four-year old daughter will loudly exclaim every time we pass that aisle, the one I prefer to avoid for this very reason, in the supermarket. “SOME people eat meat. Those are cows, chickens, and pigs. See, there’s even a poster on the wall showing you […]

The Importance of Food to Families

Guest post by Simon Barnett: The importance of food to families We’ve all heard the sad news that Americans are not eating family dinners together. Some families are busy with organized activities around mealtime. Some parents work late. Some families don’t place enough importance on sitting down together, and instead allow family members to eat […]

Cooking With Kids Junior Cookbook

Cooking with kids can be a fulfilling activity for both you and the kids. It allows them to be creative in the kitchen, boosts their self esteem, and gives them a life skill they’ll take into the future. When you teach them a few simple recipes, you’ll be teaching them to contribute to the family, […]