Side Effects of Steroids

Steroids, such as anabolic steroids, have been used for years by athletes who want to enhance their performance. They are illegal owing to their dangerous side effects on the human body. Even though steroid use is banned and not recommended, … Continue reading

Pool Party Water Games

Splashing and jumping in the pool can be can be fun; but, when you add water games, you take fun to a whole new level! Kids and adults can play together and some games are appropriate for kids to play … Continue reading

Kids Pool Games for One

Sometimes there just isn’t someone to play with in the pool. Whether your child is an “only child” and in your backyard pool or your children’s friends just haven’t arrived at the local pool , it’s important that he or … Continue reading

Pizza Party for Kids Builds Social Skills

For kids, the idea of making a pizza of their own is probably just as thrilling as eating one. When you couple this with their creative flair and penchant for being a bit messy, you have a recipe for a … Continue reading

Homemade Pizza Dough Recipe

If you have ever had the experience of buying frozen pizza dough only to be disappointed when it does not turn out even remotely like pizza dough, then your best bet is to try your own. Making your own pizza … Continue reading

International Pizza Styles for Kids & Family

Pizza is typically thought of as originating in Italy with famous roots in Chicago and New York. However, there are many different international pizza styles for kids and the whole family to try. These pizzas may not be exactly what … Continue reading

Pizza Styles Add Variety to Family Meals

Although pizza is most well known and probably most well loved in its traditional, round style covered in sauce, mozzarella cheese, and basil, there are so many styles and types that it would be a shame if everyone did not … Continue reading

Make Pizza Night More Healthy

Many parents avoid “pizza night” because they associate pizza with bad carbohydrates and being calorie laden with cheese. However, there are many forms of pizza that are more healthy. It’s just a matter of knowing what to look for to … Continue reading

Should You Drop the Kids Off at the Pool or Stay?

Many parents who spent time at the pool unsupervised as children aren’t so sure they should do the same for their own kids.  Of course, every family is different and children vary in age and skill level. Some families have … Continue reading

Parents Health and Safety Concerns About Public Pools

Public swimming pools are fun places where kids and adults can play, exercise, and socialize during the summer. Indoor pools, have an added advantage since you can swim all year round. Whether the pool is of the outdoor or indoor … Continue reading