Hidden Benefits for the Organized Family

We all know the basic benefit of keeping things organized…a neat home. However, there are some hidden benefits that you may not have noticed. (Yep, they were probably hidden under the clutter. 😉 )  You’ll be surprised the hidden benefits your family will gain from organizing time, belongings, and schedules. Organizing Belongings How many family […]

What I learned from my 9 1/2 Month Pregnancy

By: Rivka Slatkin I just finished enjoying a 9 ½ month pregnancy. This pregnancy, I “nested” the entire 9.5 months- cleaning and organizing almost every day, purging and de- cluttering. For some reason I just felt this overwhelming urge to go through the clutter we had accumulated over the past 5 years before this baby […]

Time Management Tips for Parents

Oftentimes, a frenzied pace takes over our days as we frantically attempt to squeeze chauffeuring two children to three different after-school-activities, grocery shopping, a stop at the ATM machine, picking up the shirts at the cleaners, returning library books, and a mad rush to ship a package before the Post Office closes. Simultaneously, we are […]

Time-Saving Tips for Parents

Twelve Time-Saving Tips for Parents Note:  SCROLL DOWN to download my free report:  “30 Time Saving Tips“! 1. Go through your house, room by room, and get rid of anything that is not useful, beautiful, or joyful. Set the timer for 10 minutes per room.  (Allow extra time only if a very heavy item must […]

Frustrated Trying to Manage Everyone and Do the Chores

Question: I am married and have 3 children. One oldest is 19, was born with Spina Bifida and has been a challenge most of his life. Gratefully he is “normal” from the waist up and paralyzed from the waist down. I have a daughter that is 10 and a son that is 9. My 9 […]

Getting Kids Organized: Tips that Work!

Teaching Children to Organize Their Possessions: Five Tips for Parents If you’d look under the children’s beds or in the playrooms of most houses, you might think there is no way to get your kids organized. Stuffed animals have a way of multiplying and covering beds and dressers, game and jigsaw puzzle pieces somehow never […]