Summer Bridge Activities: Fun Remedial & Extended Summer Learning

When returning from summer break, children often seem to have a hard time remembering material that they just learned the year before. You can help your child begin each school year better prepared for something new with help from the Summer Bridge Activities series. Summer is for fun right?  Yes, but that doesn’t mean that […]

Children’s Songs: A Collection of Childhood Favorites by Susie Tallman

Do you remember the songs that your parents, grandparents, or teachers used to sing to you as a kid? Are you teaching them to your children and grandchildren? If not, here is something to help you out. The wonderful sounds and memories come back as if it were yesterday. The problem is that as you […]

Book Review: Tilly’s Moonlight Garden

We received advanced review copy of Tilly’s Moonlight Garden by Julia Green prior to its October 2012 release. Tilly’s Moonlight Garden is about a young girl adjusting to changes in her life. Tilly and her family have recently moved to a new home where she has no friends. Her mother is ill. Her father is […]