Parents and educators should lead by example. Make it a habit and get in a positive mindset as we focus on the positive by sharing our thanks and gratitude. Just add your own thanks or reply to encourage someone else.

Thanks for Walking the Talk

Parents are the ultimate role model for children. Yes, many other people can influence kids but it’s parents and parent figures who form the basis of a child’s core beliefs. This isn’t done simply by talking about rules or what should be done but by taking ACTION! In essence, parents must lead by example and […]

Thanks for the Memories

In my family (extended family included), most of us were born within several days of major holidays. The jury is out on whether that is a good thing or not. I’m just glad I don’t have a near-Christmas birthday. But, hey, we all work with what we’ve been given. 😉 The difficult part of this […]

Friends with a Different Perspective

We are drawn to people who have things in common with us.  When we spend time with these people, they often become friends. Along with the things we have in common, we may find that some friends think along the same lines that we do. Occasionally, friends may appear to “just know” what we need […]