Need ideas and suggestions for parenting your grandchild or bonding with them? Topics generally concern grandparents who want to bond with grandkids or take a parenting role in a grandchild's life either full-time or part-time.

How Grandparents Share Wisdom and Experience

You’re probably familiar with the stereotypical image of the grandparent lecturing his or her grandchild about the “good old days.” Of course, the grandchild is bored with the discussion. It’s true that kids tend to ignore, moralizing lectures. But they do benefit from the wisdom, guidance, and experience of their grandparents. Studies have even shown […]

Roles Grandparents Play in Today’s Family

Everyone’s family situation is a bit different, and the role of grandparents varies from family to family. Grandparents have their own style of grandparenting, and family dynamics can run the gamut from grandparent-friendly to quite distant (sometimes literally, as many grandparents are hundreds if not thousands of miles away from their grandkids). Regardless of your […]

How to Talk to Grandchildren – Breaking the Ice

There can certainly be awkward moments when trying to warm up to your grandchildren, especially if you don’t see them very often. How do you start a conversation? Kids don’t often want to talk about the same things that adults do. Here are some tips on breaking the ice, and how to talk to your […]

Grandparents Parenting Again: Raising Emotionally Healthy Grandchildren

The number of children under the age of 18 who are living with their grandparents has grown tremendously during the last decade. More and more grandparents find themselves raising their grandkids for a host of reasons. Sometimes, the reasons involve difficult emotional situations and needs. There may not be a lot of help out there […]

Defiant 8-year-old

At some point, all parents are faced with concerns related to defiant or disrespectful children. These broad terms often refer to and can be applied to a variety of specific behaviors. If you have a defiant, disobedient, disrespectful, sassy, or rude child with impulse control or self control issues, you may relate to these parents […]

Depressed Grandchild

Could my grandson be clinically depressed, even at 10yrs old? Question: I’m raising my 10yr old grandson. I’ve had him since he is 6mos old, due to his mother having uncontrolled Bipolar Disorder. It is very hard for him living apart from his mother, with whom he has had a scattered relationship throughout the years. […]