Need ideas and suggestions for parenting stepchildren? Topics generally concern stepparents who take a parenting role in a stepchild's life either full-time or part-time.

Child’s Targeted Behavior Problems

by James Lehman, MSW For many children, behavior problems are not universal; they’re targeted. Targeted at dad, at mom, at the stepmother, at the fiancé, at a sibling. The following two case studies reveal how normally charming and compliant children can become defiant or even abusive with one person in the family. James Lehman examines […]

We Don’t Count the Steps

In my family we don’t count the steps. I never have and I never will.  This may sound a bit odd until I explain. From an early age I knew my dad had been adopted. He spent his earliest years (and beyond) with these two loving parents who I knew as my grandparents, calling them […]