The Purest Love

By: Kira Shcherbakova Christian Inspirational Author and Speaker One day, when Mitchell was under two years of age (now three years old), he took a chair from the kitchen and started dragging it into the room. We have carpet outside of the kitchen, so once he got to that point, it got much harder to […]

Oh, Fireflies!

I was sitting on the patio with my children surrounding me. They were spotting fireflies in the early summer evening. The feeling was content, and he light breeze in the air was like a sigh at the end of an energy-filled day. The children’s excitement was palpable, for every time a firefly lit up, they […]

Stop and Smell the Roses!

Walking through the park one evening with my eleven-year-old son and our dog Piper, I had my chin buried into the warmth of the neck of my jacket cursing the unlike-spring weather, wishing I had worn a hat when my son called out to me from several paces behind.  “Mom, come take a look at […]

A Gift for Mothers!

A special gift for Moms! Download your printable 8×10 poem here Just add a frame and Viola!  A ready-made gift for yourself, your best friend, your sister, your mom… or all of the above!  

Progress, Not Perfection

Recently I noticed a bumper sticker in a parking lot which read, “Progress, not Perfection.” Hundreds of examples of how to apply that motto to childrearing rushed through my head as I made my way past that shiny sedan. Although most of those ideas flew right out of my brain by the time I got […]


Celebrating Independence Day this weekend on July 4th, I gazed at the brilliant display of fireworks and pondered what freedom means to us today. Freedom is all about having the ability to make choices. Yet, I wondered, how much freedom is truly mine, and how much have I relinquished in order to fit into a […]

Different Like Me

Different Like Me By Kathleen Freeman My name is Thomas and I’m different you see, But a whole lot of others are different like me. There are kids different colors and kids different sizes, Kids who win contests and kids who win prizes. Kids good at math, science, spelling or reading, Kids good with drawing, […]

There’s No Such Thing as a Small Soul!

The title of this article may strike you as a contradiction to the name of this website, Obviously, you’d be absolutely correct to take note of the inconsistency. And that is what brings us to today’s topic: There are very few absolutes in the realm of childrearing. Children are capable of great things- does […]

Mom Song

Go ahead… you deserve a laugh!


Choices! If I had to summarize the moral of’s popular ‘Animal School’ movie, I would borrow the words of King Solomon: “Educate a lad according to his way; even in old age he will not depart from it.” While there is a plethora of educational strategies that aid us in individualized education, in accordance […]