Cool Children Bedroom Ideas

Are you thinking of getting your children their own bedroom?

For the young ones, the bedroom is one of the most important places in the world. It is the place they ran into whenever school and peers have put too much stress for them to handle. Not only does it makes them feel safe whenever they sleep, but also because it serves as their own playground. Kids like to think of it as their own bubble where they are free to do whatever they want and to play with whatever toy they have. The four corners of the bedroom envelop them as they let their imaginations go wild.

In the 1950s, Dr LB Wexner created a study which proves that there is a connection between color and mood. Recently, Debbi Zimmer (2011), stated that the paint color we choose for our bedroom leaves a great impact on our lives that it can influence the way we think and act. For example, according to Zimmer, the color blue has been identified to slow down the pulse rate and lower body temperature.   In 2009, however, Wilson (2009) in his book “Developing Your Child’s Creativity”, emphasized that not only is the shade of color important, but most importantly, the temperature of the colors as to whether it gives of warm or cool feeling. Generally speaking, the color we choose for our children’s bedroom can greatly affect their lives. It can leave a mark in the children’s lives so, as parents, we have to make sure that we take this into consideration.

And because we know that decorating a child’s bedroom is a difficult task, here are some of our favorite child bedroom decors that will surely give you an idea for your own house.

The first one is a Kinder Bunk Bed. Because it has a tent attached into it, this is a kind of bed a kid would surely enjoy and at the same time it is practical and stylish at the same time. Personally, I love this bed for it gives the kid an impression that he has his own private place. Moreover, this comes in different colors depending on what your child likes.

Image: Copyright © Dreams PLC

The second one is composed of three single beds attached to a wall. This is good if you have two or three kids of the same age since they can grow together but still have their own space that they can decorate and placed with their own toys. 

Image:Copyright © Architecture of Life

The third one, on the other hand, is cool for it shows how a great wallpaper choice can light up the whole room. This particular example uses a map that was bought from Environmental Graphics for less than 60 dollars. So, why don’t you go to the net and explore for wallpapers or murals fitted for your kid’s hobbies.

Image: Copyright © kbreenbo

Moving on, the fourth room contains a simple bunk bed. But the wonderful thing here is that it has so many shelves and compartments that can organize your child’s toys and story books.  

Image: Copyright © Housing Units Store

The last one is a perfect example of an ideal boy’s bedroom with the slide and all. It really embraces the idea that a bedroom is a space not only for sleep but also for play. Sleeping in this bedroom would really be a one of a kind experience which is great for the kids.

Image: Copyright ©

In general, a child’s bedroom should be well thought of. However, we must bear in mind that the room is still theirs so their opinion matters. We should let them pick the colors they want and what theme they are interested in. For at the end of the day, it all comes down to the child’s safety and happiness.

This is a guest post by Krisxi Chasanov of Divan Beds, one of the UK’s leading online suppliers of divan beds and cheap mattresses. When she comes home, she’s a dedicated housewife and a mother of two. You can follow her on Twitter @bedcritter


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