Cool Pool Party Themes

pool beverageIt can be fun to go beyond the basic “pool party”. If you’re looking for themes for your next poolside entertaining, look no further! Here are six cool pool party themes that will make for a fun time for all.

1. Cartoon Character Theme

For kids, cartoon themes can work nicely. Spongebob is definitely a water/beach theme that kids like. You can do other cartoon characters, too, and just give them a poolside representation.

2. Classy and Fancy Theme

Adults may enjoy a fancy-themed pool party. Serve drinks in fancy wine glasses, have bowls of fruit on tables and the poolside, and set out lounge chairs. Fancy finger foods or grilled salmon and vegetables would be appropriate fare. Provide pretty hand and body towels. Taper candles on tables and jar candles poolside add to the fancy air. To keep the theme classy and fancy, go with black, white, silver, and gold or stick with one color.

3. Spa Theme

Why not have a spa theme at your pool party? If your budget allows, have a massage therapist join you to give guests massages. Nail polish, face masks, and healthy body lotions and sunscreen can play into the theme. Manicures and pedicures are fun to do by the pool. Since everyone will be out in the sun, a “skincare” side theme can be fun.

4. Luau Theme

A Luau theme is an oldie but a goody. Hawaiian Luaus can be a lot of fun, and decorations and food tend to be affordable. Pineapple fruit baskets, leis, flowered shirts, and grass skirts are an integral part of the Luau look. Think tropical colors when decorating, and if you like, you can incorporate a Tiki theme with torches and statues. Bamboo placemats and table runners are another aspect of the Luau look.

5. Choose an Era Theme

Pool parties with a 50s theme can be great, or you could go with a “Great Gatsby” 1920s theme. Any decade will do, as long as you and your guests will enjoy it! You could even do a Victorian theme and serve homemade ice cream and lemonade poolside. A 1980s theme could be fun, too, with music from the era and some poolside movies from the time.

6. Pirate Theme

Many kids love pirates, and a pirate-themed pool party may be just the thing. A treasure chest scavenger hunt would be a fun game, or you could use the map theme for your invitations. Decorate with toy parrots and pirate hats, and see if you can find some inflatable decorations like palm trees and ships. Kids can dive for gold coins and other treasures, and you can serve food from a cooler decorated to look like a treasure chest.

Pool parties open up all kinds of opportunities for creative themes. Have fun and be safe by the pool this summer!