Defiant Kids: How To Help Them Be Respectful



We had some great feedback from a recent class we did on  “When Your Child Is Defiant: Simple Ways To Avoid Power Struggles.” Here’s some of the feedback…

“I really identified with a lot of what you spoke about tonight. Thanks so much for the great advice.”  “Great class last night. I really enjoyed it!” “Wonderful!”

Handling defiant kids is a tough topic, and every parent can use a bit of help. We learned that most kids will go through childhood having times when they are defiant. It is all part of the growing process.

Most parents agree that it is helpful to know that defiant behavior is normal, but we still want some tools to help us  manage this difficult problem. That is what we talked about last night.

We answered the  following questions:

  • Why kids are defiant?
  • Why can’t they just “behave”?
  • Why are some kids more defiant than others?
  • What drives their behavior?
  • What triggers their negative behavior?
  • Can we turn their behavior around?
  • How do we as parents contribute to the problem?
  • How can we use positive reinforcement to help these kids feel good about themselves?

If you missed the class and want access to the audio recording, you can still buy it here:

When Your Child Is Defiant: Simple Ways To Avoid Power Struggles



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