Educational Wisdom Video Inspires All Types of Teachers

EduWisdom-300Educators play an integral role in the development of children. They motivate, educate, inspire and pass on their wisdom and knowledge.

While you may think of educators as being traditional teachers in a school setting, that’s far from the truth. Everyone is a teacher –  parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, coaches, scout leaders, counselors, clergy, law enforcement and so many others. Everyone has something to teach.

Teachers are caring individuals that share many roles. They are mentors, role models and information providers. They are collaborators, listeners and leaders. For these and so many other reasons, we at Raising Small Souls appreciate you.

For all the teachers in the world, we bring you “Educational Wisdom,” a beautiful video of motivational messages to inspire and touch the hearts of educators, regardless of training or expertise.

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Note:  To get this video for your home, school, or organization, you may see the details here.

What our customers are saying about this video…

This is a masterfully done movie. It is inspiring and real while maintaining the idealistic side of being an educator. Nice work! ~ Robert

Beautiful! Inspirational! I want to share it with every teacher and every parent, because as parents we are our children’s first teacher! Thank you! ~ Martha

As a facilitator of a parenting class this video really touched me. Parents forget that they are teachers too. My favorite quote was by Dr. Haim Ginott. Thank you! 🙂 You always have such beautiful and inspiring information. ~ Stephanie

Here are a few ways our customers have used the Educational Wisdom video.

  • Back-to-School events
  • PTA meetings
  • While waiting for a conference to begin
  • To boost the morale of home schooling teachers
  • Professional development sessions
  • Teacher appreciation workshops
  • At orientation or meet-the-teacher night
  • Used as inspirational closure to a faculty meeting
  • As a reminder to educators to reach beyond the curriculum
  • For discussions regarding inclusive school environment
  • To inspiration student-teachers
  • To educate and inspire church workers, community volunteers, and anyone who works with children.

Click here to purchase “Educational Wisdom” today and share the inspiring, thought-provoking wisdom in a variety of environments.

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  1. Demetra Keane says:

    I’m unable to view the Educational Wisdom video. Please advise!

    • Kit Singleton says:

      Hi Demetra,
      I’m sorry. These types of problems are plaguing sites all over the net. This is most likely related to the issues surrounding Flash Player. I have added instructions and a help link (above the video) to aid you and others. Since everyone’s computer setup and programs are different, you may find that you need to contact your favorite computer or a specific program’s “help” site, since detailed troubleshooting of that nature is beyond our abilities.

      If you can’t find a solution, you may be able to view a preview of the video here:

      Best of luck!