End of Summer Crafts for Kids

Summer’s been a lot of fun, but as it comes to an end, and the weather starts to change, you’ll need to find some things for the kids to do indoors. Rather than let them plop down on the couch and get lost in endless hours of television, you can get them up and active and doing some fun, productive crafts.

With the back-to-school season here, let’s think of a cool craft that your little one could use at school: we’ll learn how to make a topper for their pencil. We’ll also help your child find an interest in nature with a bird feeder, and to just enjoy the lat summer days with a homemade kite. So let’s get those kids off the couch and engage their minds and bodies with some fun crafts.

Pencil Toppers

Let’s spice up those boring #2 pencils with a pencil topper of your own design. These are easy to make, and allow your kids to get creative. We’ll be making a cute bunny, but you can use this technique to make anything you can imagine.

You’ll need:

  • Cotton balls
  • Glue
  • White felt
  • Craft eyes
  • Pencil top eraser

Building the bunny:

Pick a big cotton ball and glue it on the pencil top eraser. Pick a smaller cotton ball for the head. Glue two craft eyes to the head and after it dries, glue it to the body. Cut two ears out of the felt and glue them on the head. Add a tiny cotton-ball tail.

Bird feeder

Teach your kids about your neighborhood birds with this simple bird feeder. All you need is a pine cone, string, peanut butter, and some bird seed. Tie a string tightly onto the pine cone. Shake the string to make sure the pine cone won’t fall off because it needs to support the weight of some birds. Coat the pine cone with peanut butter, then sprinkle it with bird seed. Hang it up in a tree and sit back and watch your feathered friends feast.

Homemade kite

A homemade kite can be a fun way for kids to get outside and be more active. Follow these steps and you’ll be flying in no time.

You’ll need:

  • Two sticks
  • Some kite string
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Construction paper

Make sure one of your two sticks is shorter than the other. You want to make a little t shape out of them. Tie the sticks together in the t shape with some kite string. Put your sticks on top of the construction paper, making sure the sticks fit inside.

Cut a diamond shape out of the paper. Glue the sticks to the paper and let the glue dry. To make your kite stronger, you can glue thin sticks around the edge of the kite to give it a frame. Cut a strip of construction paper and glue it onto the bottom of the kite for your tail.

All that’s left is to attach a long length of string to the crossbar of the kite to hold onto and the kids are ready to fly!

Keep their minds and their hands occupied with these simple end of summer crafts.

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