Falling in Love with My Milkman

Guest Post by:  Samantha Harrison

Statistic Show that Women do More Housework; Oh, Really?

I’ve been looking at some statistics recently. According to the UK’s Office for National Statistics, women on average spend three hours a day on household chores, excluding grocery shopping and childcare. To be fair, according to the statistics, men do more DIY; whoever collected those statistics should try getting my husband to fix a leaky tap or bleed the radiators. They could try including shopping and childcare too. If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to sit down and relax after work, you’ll know what I mean.

Anyone for Lunch and Multi-tasking?

I’m lucky enough to work from home mostly these days, but that doesn’t seem to mean there are any more hours in the day. So, after pondering these statistics with no bitterness at all, I nipped down from my office, with the intention of grabbing some lunch; on the way I managed to make some preparations for the evening meal and run the Hoover round the living room. I set up the ironing board while I was passing, unloaded the dishwasher and put a load of washing on. Then I remembered what I had originally come down for and discovered that there was no bread, and someone had been at the cheese as well; time to nip down the shop – again.
I won’t deny I’m one of the lucky ones. In the past these ‘little shops’ and household jobs have been squeezed in on the way to or from work. Chipping away at what little time there is in the day, and there are millions of people, mostly women sadly, who will know how that feels.

Mummy’s Little Helpers?

Thinking about these statistics, and finding myself on the sharp end of them again, must have sparked something in my sub-conscious. I saw an advert on the TV the other night which portrayed a woman who looked, to me, like the decidedly perfect housewife. She was smilingly reaching for milk out of the fridge, while tea, coffee, eggs and bread all magically replenished themselves in a ‘Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ sort of a way. Most of us know how much damage a houseful of little ‘Sorcerer’s Apprentices’ can do. To be honest I’d have no problem with the Disney version, compared to my own. He didn’t seem to make that much mess, in my experience, and it was all nicely cleared up in the end. But despite the rather too perfect image of this smoothly run household, I decided to check out what it was advertising.

Home Shopping that Makes Sense:

How glad am I? The ad is for a grocery delivery service like no other – a delivery service that has been right under my nose for some considerable time. Your local milkman can, apparently, offer a lot more than milk. Calm down girls, I’m talking about bread, juice, veg-boxes, even kitchen foil; all sorts of things that we seem to run out of every day. Milk deliveries pre-date supermarket deliveries by years and unlike the supermarket version there’s no delivery charge added to your bill! There was a time when small villages and farms had a local mobile shop visiting them. I’m not sure if these exist anymore, but this ‘new’ type of milk delivery service is along the same lines. Effectively it’s a little shop that comes to you and saves you time, money and a lot of small domestic ‘discussions’. I’ve long been a fan of shopping for groceries online. Apart from the fact it means I don’t actually visit the supermarket, I also don’t get distracted and buy things that I really don’t need and can’t actually afford. But until now, I haven’t found a way to get round all the little shopping trips in between. Occasionally, I find out in time that we’ve run out of something and dash off a rather un-romantic text stating ‘Milk’, or whatever it is we’re missing. However, these text messages are often futile. Why ‘some people’ think that a litre is going to last more than five minutes, is beyond me. Inevitably even my beleaguered texts for help result in either the wrong thing, or not enough of it. The other great advantage I’ve found to getting ‘stuff’ delivered in this way is simply that I can order at night – up to nine pm – and the goods turn up first thing in the morning!

Whatever the ‘Doris Day Perfect Housewife’ message is in the advert for this service, I don’t care. None of us are perfect, and I doubt there will ever be enough hours in the day, but this efficient and in-expensive way of online grocery shopping is making me fall in love with my milkman all over again.

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