Friends with a Different Perspective

Green Eye PerspectiveWe are drawn to people who have things in common with us.  When we spend time with these people, they often become friends. Along with the things we have in common, we may find that some friends think along the same lines that we do. Occasionally, friends may appear to “just know” what we need to hear and when we need to hear it. These friends have generally been with us for a long time so it all comes naturally.

However,  it’s the new friends, who often encourage us to grow the most. At least in my experience, it has to do with them having a different perspective or stating things in a different way that strikes a chord with me. I was recently reminded of this by a new friend. So…

I’d like to take a few seconds to say how thankful I am for the friends who have stuck by me over the years, telling me things I needed to hear (whether I wanted to hear it or not.) I am also thankful for my new friends, who are kind, patient, understanding, and encourage me to grow, even when they don’t realize that is what they are doing.

Think about your friends – new and old. Why are you thankful for them?


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  1. I’m thankful for my friends because I know without them I wouldn’t be whole. I believe they bring out the best in me because they’re not afraid to kick my butt if it’s needed, but they support me in ways I sometimes don’t even realize. I know their prayers have kept me out of trouble and helped me succeed. So, to my friends, I say Thanks and I love you!!

    • Kit Singleton says:

      Hey Mara,
      I know what you mean about not being “whole” without them. Sometimes I look back and wonder what on earth I did before they were in my life. 😉

  2. My best friends are ones I’ve met online. We’ve never met in person but that doesn’t mean I love or appreciate them any less. They keep me grounded when I feel like life is spinning out of control. I can always count on them to be honest even when I don’t want to hear the truth. They listen when I need to talk and they trust me to return the favor when they need it. We laugh together, whine together, mumble and grumble together. They are more than friends, they are family. I would be lost without them.

    • Kit Singleton says:

      I can relate, Melody. I seem to have grown away from all of my friends from childhood. Of the 10 people who know me best, 5 of them were met online and for many years I have considered them to be family rather than friends. In fact, they are my proof that miracles do happen. 😀