Get the Little Ones Off to Sleep With These Top Tips

Guest post: This post was written by Sophie Baker-Britton on behalf of My Duvet and Pillow, specialists in expertly crafted down duvets and pillows for children and adults alike.

Many parents will be familiar with the challenges faced when putting your child to bed at night; from temper tantrums to simply not being able to drift off, energy levels and patience quickly diminish in light of this nightly occurrence. If you are looking for solutions that aid your child’s sleeping pattern, there are many avenues to explore, from the purchase of down duvets to enhance comfort, to the implementation of a reward chart based upon night time routines. Read on as these tried and tested methods are discussed, providing you with the inspiration you need to ensure a great night’s sleep for all.

Tip One – High Quality Bedding

It’s amazing what a difference expertly designed duvets and pillows can do to help a child drift off to sleep with ease. Bedding made from natural materials is the ideal choice as they help to regulate body temperature thanks to their breathable properties. Goose down traps more air than other fillings which in turn reduces the amount of down needed to create a comfortable temperature. This means your child can climb into bed without being weighed down by heavy bedding and also remains at a comfortable temperature throughout the night.

Temperature control plays a vital role in aiding your child’s sleep, which is why choosing a lightweight duvet with enhanced thermal performance will certainly reduce the chances of your child waking throughout the night.

Tip Two – Create a Beautiful Bedroom

Getting your child excited about their bedroom is a significant step towards a peaceful night. Take the time to ask your child what they think would make their bedroom truly special and use your own creativity to come up with a design they will love. From a fairyland to a creepy-crawly extravaganza, make sure your child’s bedroom is a reflection of everything they love to encourage them to spend time in there.

Tip Three – Implement a Reward Chart

This is a fantastic tip for those in need of a little extra help when getting the children into bed and off to sleep. Establish a set routine that incorporates everything your child does in the run up to saying goodnight and document this on a brightly coloured chart. Star stickers can be used when your child has completed each part, from putting their pyjamas on without argument to brushing their teeth well. Tell your child that the final star will be added in the morning once they have stayed in their own bed without fuss for the night.

Take the time to explain the chart to your child and discuss a suitable reward for them, such as a family activity or a sweet treat. It is advisable to start the chart on a Sunday and explain that a reward will be given on the following Saturday if they have achieved a week of good night time behaviour.

With patience and determination, you can lead the way to a restful night’s sleep for the whole family. Every parent can sympathise with the ease of giving in, but making a few changes and remaining strong will lead to you reaping the benefits in the end. Give these top tips a go and see the difference they can make to your child’s night time behaviour.

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