Gift Ideas for the High School Graduate

computer gold gift boxGraduation gifts today encompass many new and innovative ideas. Unlike when we graduated, when a party at home or dinner out was all our parents could afford, today there are a multitude of ideas utilized for the graduate. Here are some great high school graduation gift ideas for you to consider.

If your child is going off to college and boarding there, he or she will most likely need as much encouragement as possible. They may become homesick the first few weeks, and it would be a great idea to give them a scrapbook with pictures of the family, letters of encouragement, and mementos that have great significance.

Another gift idea, which is more of a necessity these days, is a laptop computer. In this way, they can complete their research and homework assignments, keep in touch with family and friends, and feel connected when so far away.

In addition, having a laptop computer will afford them the opportunity to view pictures of family and friends on different occasions. To this end, why not put together a slideshow of your son or daughter and include it along with the laptop. It can be pictures of his or her childhood or teen years, pictures of friends and family, or special events you’ve captured for just this purpose. In this way, whenever they feel homesick or want to view familiar faces, they can simply play the slide show on their laptop.  You can even include some goofy moments captured on film as well.

Other gift ideas include a TV with DVD for their dorm room, a small refrigerator, and other assorted but necessary items they will need to make them feel more comfortable. You may want to give them a collage of pictures that they may have accumulated throughout the years. Whatever you can think of to give them a little bit of home to take with them would make a great high school graduation gift idea.


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