Good Parenting: What You Need To Know To Parent With Confidence

We are always looking for new ways to parent better and be more effective. The mistake that we often make, especially Mothers, is that we are too hard on ourselves. We forget that we are human and we make mistakes and that it is okay.

We need to encourage ourselves more. I am always looking for more information to build our confidence as parents. Being a secure and confident parent benefits our kids in many ways.

A couple of months ago when I was researching for a classes, “When Your Child Is Defiant: Simple Ways To Avoid Power Struggles”I found a great way to help us increase our confidence when we parent. It is from the book, “Ten Days To A Less Defiant Child” by Dr. Jeffrey Bernstien.

He says that not only do we need to praise our kids, parents need to praise themselves for all the work that they do. We tend to focus on what we don’t do, not on all the things we do for our families. This is a mistake. Parent need to appreciate and recognize all the effort that they put into raising a healthy family. So now, you might be thinking- how can I do that? What am I supposed to praise myself about?

Watch to find out.



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