Handmade Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

man watching tv sportsThinking of Father’s Day brings to mind an episode of Bill Cosby in which his youngest daughter, Rudy, made him a clay ashtray. “But I don’t smoke!” he smiled.  He went on to thank her anyway and said he would use it as a paperweight in his home office. For kids, thinking of Father’s Day handmade gift ideas is probably much easier than it is for adults. Eventually we run out of ideas – but they don’t!  Here are some ideas your kids may want to consider.

Special t-shirt painted by the kids; a card made of construction paper and decorated for dad; a picture frame made out of two pieces of cardboard and painted by the kids; or dad’s favorite homemade cookies made by the kids.

You could take a table-top Christmas tree and turn it into a Father’s Day tree. Decorate it with his favorite candies and goodies. Is Dad a baseball or football fan? The kids can decorate the tree by taking white Christmas balls and drawing baseball stripes on them; and making cookies in the shape of footballs using gingerbread dough! A baseball cap with dad’s initials can adorn the top of the tree, or you can find a mini sized football helmet and add his name to it as well. If dad is a golfer, mom can buy a box of golf balls and have the kids paint their initials on each one.

More often than not, dad would probably receive a tie as a gift. Well, make a special Father’s Day tie. Let the kids be as creative as they want with paints and sparkles. Does dad lose the remote control often? Why not make him a TV remote holder using cardboard and fabric. The kids can decorate the cardboard with glow in the dark paint color, so that no matter where the holder is, he can always find it!

No matter what Father’s Day handmade gift ideas you come up with, there are plenty of ideas you and the kids can come up with. Don’t forget the handmade ashtray; your dad can use it as a paperweight, too!