Help Your Kids Now

Guest post by:  Lance Williams

Help your kids NOW, no more I wish I would have’s

It may seem inevitable to look back and regret what could have been as a parent. With hindsight
we see how our temper may have impeded our ability to take advantage of a teaching moment, or
how our impatience caused our child’ s self-esteem to suffer. The truth is, we are not doomed to
this dismal outlook of parenting regret. With a few techniques, that are all easily to implement-
-starting today!–you can begin to help your kids now & set aside for good the ‘ I wish I would
haves’ .

Be in the Moment

As a parent of small children, it’ s easy to be overwhelmed by our never-ending task list.
Laundry, groceries, meal time, errands, nap time and cleaning are always on the horizon. Even if
we’ re not currently doing these things, we’ re thinking about when we’ re going to get them done!
For this reason, when your children need you it’ s too easy to put them aside. We all too often
fall into the trap of multi-tasking, where nothing is getting done well. By being in the moment
and not worrying about what needs to be done or fretting about what we haven’ t done, we’ ll be
more alert to what’ s happening in the moment. For now, your child may want you on the floor
building legos or another time they’ ll simply want to talk. Be content with that and your child
will learn they are important to you.

Teach the Power of Choice

Give your child a choice whenever possible. Along with this, emphasize that with every choice
comes a consequence. Although they are always free to make a choice, they are not free to
choose the consequences that come with that choice. This can start at a very young age. If they
choose to not complete their Saturday chores, they are not free to play with friends. If they do
not like what you fixed for dinner, they can sit at the table quietly until they are dismissed. If
they choose to whine about it they can go to their room for the rest of the night. By clearly and
calmly stating the consequences of their choices, you will eliminate many power struggles in
your home.


Even when we do our best to remember these simple ways to help our children, we will make
mistakes. When it happens, be sure to approach your child and say you are sorry. That temper
that escalated or words that escaped that shouldn’ t have will more easily be forgiven and
forgotten if you make an effort to acknowledge your mistake. Undoubtedly, this is a skill you
hope your children will learn. So, let them learn first-hand how it’ s done.

We all want the best for our children and what we give can be the best. It may take some effort
to polish our patience, say we’ re sorry or set aside what we’ re doing, but we will see benefits for
years to come. In no time at all, we will be the ones needing elder care. We don’ t want to spend
those years with regret. Do what it takes today to help your kids now.

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