How far will you go to protect your child’s self-esteem?

If you read news online, you may have seen talk about the dad who protected his son from bullies by wearing a skirt. If you haven’t, you can read the full story here.

The short of it is this man’s 5 year old son was being bullied because he liked to wear little girl’s skirts and dresses. Rather than try to get his son to change and potentially hurt the child’s self-esteem, the dad decided to wear skirts in support of his son’s choices.

While this may seem drastic to some, the fact is, it worked like a charm.  Most of the bullying has stopped and the child has gained confidence knowing his dad supports him. He now has the confidence to handle any remaining bullies effectively.

I found this to be not only heartwarming but a good example of positive parenting. I’m not here to debate whether or not a male should wear girls’ clothing.  I am writing this because over the years, I’ve seen so many children get bullied because they were different. Their self-worth was obliterated and their dreams crushed because they didn’t have someone to stand beside them and say “it’s ok, I support you.”

So my question to you is – are you doing all you can to protect your child’s self-esteem? It doesn’t matter if your child is 3 or 30; it’s never too late to show your support.

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  1. Kit Singleton says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this! I cried through the whole article…almost. So many of us have been wounded by the thoughtless words, actions and ideas of others. It’s so good to see the lengths that some parents will go to in order to make their kids feel comfy, secure and they are accepted just as they are. Thanks Mel!

  2. Melody Spier says:

    I agree Kit. Those three little words (or actions that speak those words) “I support you” can make all the difference in the world. This is especially true for a child who is struggling with his or her confidence.