How to Encourage and Support Your Budding Master Gardener or Landscaper

Most children love to play outdoors and help their parents attend to gardening and other similar activities. However, there are certain children who display an unusual amount of talent and interest when it comes to landscaping and gardening. Many times, individuals will display talent in a particular area from a young age. If your child is keen on gardening and is determined to make this a lifelong pursuit, what can you do to encourage them?

Get Them Outside

It might sound silly and obvious, but if this is an area your child excels in, be sure to give them ample daily time outdoors. Far too many children are spending most of their day indoors in front of screens. Encourage your child to spend plenty of time outside your home, and they will naturally gravitate more to practicing what they already enjoy.

Teach Them the Basics

You don’t have to be a gardener worthy of your own reality television show to teach your child a thing or two about cultivating living things. Take your child with you when you choose flowers each spring, let them dig up the soil with you, and assign them the daily task of watering the flowers. The more exposure your child has to the basics of these tasks, the more capable and natural they will become in these areas.

Watch Television Shows Together

If you have access to a home and gardening network, you will have hours of education at your fingertips in regards to all things involving landscaping and gardening. Seeing things such as outdoor yard makeovers will spark your child’s creativity and help them build upon their own ideas. Watch the shows with your children and talk about what interests them the most about the topic.

Grow Your Own Produce

For any child, growing one’s own fruit and vegetables is an amazing thing. Tending to something which is so rewarding in the end is a great way to teach your child the value of a job carefully done. Fresh, homegrown fruits and vegetables are tangible evidence of the rewards of hard work. This will spark an even greater interest in the other areas of outdoor work.

Let Them Make Decisions

If you are having your yard landscaped, involve your child in the decision-making process. Let your child have a turn drawing up some plans that could be incorporated into the final design. This will give them a chance to exercise their creative muscles and to feel the joy of assisting in an important decision. You may also be pleasantly surprised how much you like your child’s ideas.

Raising a young landscaper or gardener can be a wonderful experience for everyone involved. When you have a child who is motivated to make the beautiful outdoors even more beautiful, you will be pleased at how many enjoyable moments you have together. Find some new things to engage your child in that will help them grow in their creativity, and get your little landscaper on their way to a lifetime of success.

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When I was teaching the younger kids (pre-k), we had a similar table and fun toy gardening tools. The kids just loved them! During the spring we set the table outside for a spring garden and during the colder months, we brought it inside and planted our “cold weather” crops so the kids were able to have gardening fun all year round.