It’s Your Baby’s 1st Birthday Party! What to Do?

Guest post:  Written by Chris Molnar, a writer, work at home Dad and editor of a party theme idea blog. Chris has two rambunctious daughters, and just bought a bunch of Elmo party supplies for his youngest’s first birthday.

Your little bundle of joy is turning one year old and you need to put together a party that will be memorable and entertaining for everyone. The reality of course is those that attend the party are the ones that want to remember this special birthday, since our little guest of honor won’t remember it. However, you’ll have plenty of pictures and stories to remind them of it. Plus, as many new parents admit, they put on a party to remember their own memories as kids. There’s nothing wrong with that, so let’s get planning!

People to Invite

The most important part of this party will be the people that you invite and attend. If you plan on going big, the invite list should include all of the people that have had important roles in the baby’s life so far. Parents (of course), family members and friends. You’ll also want to invite your child’s godparents. While it’s all too rare for doctors and support staff at the hospital to get invites or celebration notices for their patients’ first birthday, light up their day and say thank you by sending them a card with a photo.

Must Have Supplies

Every birthday needs supplies and decorations, but for this one there are a few extra things to have handy. You only get one first birthday and the day can never be recreated. With this in mind, we need to have a few cameras on board. Make sure batteries are charged and memory cards are empty to allow maximum pictures. Diapers will be an absolute necessity, especially when inviting guests that have babies as well.

In the excitement of coming to the party, parents often forget diapers for their own kids (we did!), and when in need, a mid size diaper can fit almost all babies. One other must have item would be cleaning supplies and paper products. There will be spills and accidents, not to mention a messy baby after cake diving! Be sure to have extra paper towels and cleaner in house to clean up with.

As for party supplies, I find that a theme ties everything together and makes it easier to decorate. You can come up with your own, or observe what your baby likes. Is she entranced with Elmo? You now know to get an Elmo cake and use red streamers and balloons. Perhaps he loves Barney – go with purple. There’s no shortage of ideas, and once you have your theme, you can then order or make decorations, the invites and the cake to put everything together.

Party Assistants

Any party with young children and lots of people will often result in confusion. Safety is important with this party – never be afraid to ask for help. Call ahead and get a few parents and friends to help with the party planning and decor. It will be a better event if there are a few people that know exactly what that plan for the day is and know where people can and can’t go to ensure the safety of the young ones playing around during the party. If there are older children attending the party, ask them to help with watching the younger kids. They can also help put things away and clean up during the party.

The best part about this first birthday party is to focus on the celebration of your baby’s life. Regardless of anything else, make sure the special day is focused on that. Happy Birthday baby!

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