Keeping Up With the Little One: Raising Your Energy Level

As a parent you have many obstacles to face. You become completely responsible for a whole new life. As your child grows, you as a parent grow also. The one obstacle that almost every parent faces is how to keep up with your new bundle of needy joy. Raising your energy level is not only important but required to assure you don’t fall behind. If you have a plan to keep your energy at a healthy level, you can chase the little ones around all day and still feel great. There are a few things to consider when maintaining your energy level.


It may sound confusing; how can exerting energy help you increase your energy? Studies show exercise is actually very important for maintaining your energy level. Try beginning every day with a small routine before the little ones get up. If that is not possible, then try to sneak some personal time for yourself when they nap. Not every new parent can make it to the gym each day so small routines at home can help keep your energy levels rising.


This is where it gets tricky. Many new mothers are all over the place with cravings and aversions. Add to that the fact that most new mothers decide to breastfeed their baby. That means that she has to be concerned with the way the baby reacts to her diet. Careful consideration of what to ingest should always be taken.

In a fast food, energy drink, quick fix world, what you eat and drink are not always the best. With new parents short on time and energy, they don’t make an effort to prepare healthier meals. This is an important time to start. Keeping a healthy diet will not only give your newborn the nutrients needed to grow strong and healthy, but it can also keep your energy levels at their prime.

Choose foods with natural sugars. Try trading the morning cup of coffee for an apple. Studies show an apple in the morning can wake you up better than a cup of your favorite brew, and won’t give you the caffeine crash later. Choose foods high in Vitamin C as it allows your body to absorb more Iron, which in turns brings more oxygen to your blood and gives you a natural energy boost.


The word supplements scares many who do not understand exactly what they are. With companies categorizing diet pills and energy drinks as supplements, most stay away from them all together. Supplements however, are a way to give your body what it’s lacking from improper diet. The store shelves are now lined with natural supplements that can bring you back to life to follow your diapered speed demon around. Before starting a supplement regiment, consult your doctor if you are breastfeeding.

Check the labels before taking supplements. Try to avoid any supplement that includes caffeine or processed sugars. Some all natural supplements such as guarana, echinacea, spirulina, and garlic can boost your energy and keep you healthy enough to enjoy the joys of parenthood. Based on your needs, your doctor can suggest a regiment that would be right for you.

Being a parent can be draining. In a world where everything seems to be on fast forward, new parents can crash and burn quickly. Eating properly, exercising and getting on a supplemental regiment can give you the fuel your body needs to make every moment with your child a blissful memory. Take the time to plan your day, meals and routine so you don’t miss out on the wonder your child can bring to your life.

A UK resident, Samantha Laughton is a personal trainer and nutrition consultant.  Samantha suggests checking online for your gym supplements, where you will find more detailed information and savings on items such as PhD diet whey.

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