Kids Pool Games for One

creative pool jump-inSometimes there just isn’t someone to play with in the pool. Whether your child is an “only child” and in your backyard pool or your children’s friends just haven’t arrived at the local pool , it’s important that he or she knows a few games that can be played alone.

To help your child build this game resource, here are some kids pool games for one that your child can play whenever the need arises.

1. Dive for It

Practice your diving skills by tossing in a coin or other waterproof object and diving after it. You can vary this game quite a bit. Here are some ideas.

  • Dive for one coin at a time. Choose a different coin for a new challenge (pennies are usually easier to see on a light-colored pool bottom, while dimes are more challenging)
  • Toss in several pennies and see how fast you get them all.
  • Dive for a small toy instead – kids can pretend to “rescue” the toy, especially if it’s a character or animal they like.
  • Toss the coins or toys with eyes closed, then open your eyes only after the objects have sunk.

2. Snorkeling

Learning to breathe with a snorkel is fun to do by yourself – in fact, if you’re really trying to learn, it might be better not to have the distraction of friends! Kids can work slowly if they like, putting just their mouths or faces in the water at first.

3. Creative Jump-In

If it’s allowed at your pool and it’s in a safe place, you can practice creative jump-in techniques. Try to think of unique (and safe) ways to get in the water.

4. Handstands

Try to master the underwater handstand. Ear plugs might be necessary equipment if your child tends to get water in his or her ears!

5. Somersaults

Underwater somersaults are also a fun underwater move to practice alone.

6. Challenge Yourself

Kids can try to swim a full lap or just across the pool from side to side, depending on their skill level. They can try new swim strokes (since they do know how to swim, right?) or practice floating and treading techniques. Kids can time themselves and see if they can beat their time.

7. Ring Toss

You can get a floating ring toss and plastic rings. Try to toss the rings over the ring toss while it floats along.

8. Noodles

A pool noodle can be lots of fun. Kids can bend them into all kinds of interesting shapes and have all kinds of creative fun.

9. Watermelons

Watermelons float on water, and they can be a lot of fun to push around. A child can see how far he (or she) can push the melon with his feet, for instance, or he can spin the melon on the surface of the water.

10. Kickboards

Like noodles, kickboards can be used creatively (and safely) in the pool even if you’re by yourself.

You don’t have to have a big group of friends around to enjoy the pool! Your child can have fun alone with these kids pool games for one.