No More Whining!

By Guest Blogger: Melissa Hiller


No More Whining

Mom-Jane took my crayon again! Dad-I’m tired of going to school every day! Do these complaints have a constant space in your household? If they do, you’re probably ready to lose your mind. Instead of getting stressed out, learn how to help your child to stop whining.

Ignoring the Whining
Unless your child is injured or seriously emotionally hurt, do not buy into the whining. Some children whine so that they can get attention. By feeding into the whining, you’re just letting them know that they can get exactly what they want whenever they want it. Walk into another room and do not pay attention to the whining, and stay there until your child stops.

Find Other Outlets
Children might also whine because they are bored. When your children begin to whine, try to redirect their attention to something else. With smaller children, offer them a coloring book or some blank paper on which to draw. You might even ask them to draw out their frustrations. You could also work with them on finding effective solutions. If your high schooler is complaining that his or her teacher always gives him or her poor grades on homework assignments, sit down with your child and figure out more effective ways for completing the assignment. See where your child is going wrong, and work on some of the subject skills together. Teach children to learn how to deal with their problems in ways other than complaining.

Medical Attention

In some extreme cases, children might be whining because of a medical problem. If they are constantly complaining about a pain in a certain area of the body, you clearly need to take them to the doctor! Mental health also comes into play here. A child might whine and repeat the same sentences constantly because of a mental disorder. If you notice these types of behaviors are becoming extremely disruptive in your child’s life, consider setting up an appointment with a psychiatrist or some other expert in this field.Whining is often the result of boredom or of a child simply wanting to get what he or she wants. In these cases, some simple parenting techniques need to come into play in order to make sure that the whining does not become completely out of hand. Remember though, not all cases of whining are because of a “bad” child. Your child may need more help than you can offer.
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