Perks and Pitfalls of Being a Sharent

baby-clothes-basketAre you or do you know a sharent? There are perks and pitfalls! Find out where you fall in the spectrum and learn how to keep your kids safe.

Many new terms and slang phrases come out on a daily basis, but one of the more interesting and more in-depth slang phrases around is the term “sharent.” Bascially, a “sharent” is a person (whether mom or dad) who goes around sharing tidbits, nuances, photos, and generally every little thing that their child does. The volume often escalates around holidays, seasonal events, and the child’s major milestones.

While being a “sharent” may fulfill the need to express the interesting, cute, adorable, and even not-so-cute things a baby or child does, it may be different from the child’s point of view or even those that are subject to listening to it, all the time.

There are two sides to every story. While being a “sharent” may be fun and games for a new mom or dad, there may be side effects on the child as he or she grows.

The Up Side of Being a “Sharent”

The up side of being a “sharent” is that you will most likely find yourself surrounded by other like-minded individuals in the form of equal “sharents.” Finding a community that shares the same interests, likes, and dislikes is always a good feeling. Being a “sharent” is similar to joining a Mothers’ Club. You share nuances, photos, and stories that are similar in time and space as to what you are currently going through.

Being a “sharent” is also beneficial in that it provides useful tips and advice coming your way. You can also share things that do not work for you and things that do work for you, as well.

The Downside of Being a “Sharent”

And then there is the dark side of being a “Sharent.” There are those who think, feel, and believe that your being a “sharent” is offering too much information or worse yet, way too much information.

Some “sharents” will take pictures of the most inappropriate things and share situations that are completely embarrassing to his or her child in the future. Embarrassing stories about thumb sucking or bed-wetting all have the possibility of being mortifying to a young child or, worse yet, young adult. Imagine how your young adult would feel and the implications if a potential employer found this info. Remember, anything in cyberspace stays in cyberspace, permanently, and can appear at any given time – perhaps the worst possible time.

If you find yourself sharing a few usual photos and cute stories, you may not be a “sharent.” However, if you find yourself posting every minute detail or snapshot of every microsecond – even the not-so-pretty nuances babies come with – you can consider yourself a full-fledged “sharent.”

URGENT UPDATE: If you do upload photos or clips via a mobile device, please watch the following video. You may be putting your kids in danger! Find out how to fix the issue and keep your kids safe.

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