Pizza Party for Kids Builds Social Skills

kids making pizzaFor kids, the idea of making a pizza of their own is probably just as thrilling as eating one. When you couple this with their creative flair and penchant for being a bit messy, you have a recipe for a great meal and fun activity.

But, did you realize that you have an amazing opportunity and all the ingredients to build your child’s social skills? Yep, it’s true, especially if you turn the activity into a party. When you add the optional ingredient of “friends”, a pizza party for kids builds social skills in a natural way that benefits everyone involved.

If you’d like to add this recipe for fun and social interaction to your child’s list of social successes, simply follow the instructions and tips below. Don’t hesitate to think outside of the box and add your own “special” ingredients to the pizza party or pizza.

Getting in the Mood

When the kids first arrive, have them all grab a clean, new apron. You can purchase these in bulk either online or at many craft stores. Have your table set up with markers, pizza themed stencils, and stickers. Let them put their names on their aprons.

After they have decorated and put their names on their aprons, the kids can then decorate their own paper chef’s hat. This will get the kids in the mood for their pizza-making experience.

Preparing the Pizza Dough

If you are going to make fresh dough, make it advance and let the kids skip over that segment. Small children are not patient and you do not want to leave any room for mishaps should the dough not rise, etc.

Make certain to create miniature size chunks of dough so that the kids will make miniature pizzas. Otherwise, you will be waiting forever. If you are using frozen dough, make certain to have plenty extra servings as children can (and will) drop their pizza dough.

Have a rolling pin for each child and a small baking tray. You can buy these trays at craft stores, as well. If you buy in bulk, you will find it cheaper. This way, the children can take home their trays. It is best to put numbers on the bottom of the baking tray and assign each child a number. In this way, the children are eating what they are touching.

Let the kids grab their rolling pins and start rolling out their dough. Have an adult walk around to check and see if the kids need a little extra flour.

Adding Toppings

Once they have their dough rolled out in circular pizza shape, have the kids or an adult ladle pizza sauce onto the dough and let the kids use the back end of a tablespoon to spread it around the dough.

Set the table with many different ingredients. Make sure that you let the parents know that this is a make your own pizza party in case of any allergies or concerns. Put things such as different kinds of cheese, pepperoni, or olives or any toppings you’ve chosen to provide. Let the kids create their own culinary masterpieces.

Place the mini trays with the miniature pizzas on a larger baking sheet. In this way, you can cook several mini pizzas at the same time. Kids eat when their pizzas are ready.

You’ll notice that as the kids go through this group project, there will likely be a great deal of talking, playing around, and laughter. There may even be some serious topics discussed. All of this is essential to making connections, socializing, and making friends.

When you include additional activities such as watching a movie, swimming or playing games, the degree of social interaction increases and so do the kids social skills. If you’ve been hesitant to host a kids party, you now have the perfect reason to do so…building your child’s social skills.

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