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Stepping Up and Raising the Bar:
Be a Parent, Not a Friend

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Too many youth today are falling by the wayside. They are becoming victims of peer pressure, bullying, immature choices, and opportunistic people. When parents befriend their children rather than “parenting” them, it cripples the child. child-boundariesTheir emotional growth is stunted because the parents attitudes and actions deprive them of the experiences and lessons they need to grow into compassionate, responsible, productive members of society.

When parents are not parenting, they make excuses for their children and allow them to make excuses for themselves. They allow their children to be disrespectful, manipulative, and run all over people. They avoid setting boundaries and allow them to disregard existing boundaries that could save the child’s life. Why do parents do this? It could be because of how they were raised, their own insecurities or guilt, or any number of other issues.

As a consequence of parents not parenting, today’s kids are not emotionally mature enough to handle something as simple as conflict resolution. Some resort to violence, others engage in bullying to avoid being bullied, some participate in risky behaviors because of poor self-image. They view manipulation of parents as okay as long as they can get what they want. Their sense of right and wrong is skewed because they lack proper examples and role models.

As a parent, you wear many hats – chauffeur, teacher’s helper, science project creator, guinea pig, and more. The most important roles that you will play are those that pertain to the daily development of your child. Stepping up to the bar means avoiding the friendship trap and taking the authoritarian lead. Taking the lead doesn’t mean you’re always the bad guy. But it does mean that, unlike a friend who has no authority, you will set limits for and with your child to show them how to be the best person they can be.

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