Rules for Backyard Pool Safety

no diving pool safetyThere’s no doubt that safety is a priority when it comes to backyard pools. If you have a backyard pool, it’s important to take steps to protect yourself and others with clearly-stated safety rules.

Here are some rules for backyard pool safety.

1. Supervision

Children should always, always be supervised when playing in or around the pool. Always. If you hire a babysitter or ask someone to watch them for you, make sure it is a responsible adult who knows CPR.

If there is no adult present, do not allow children to use the pool.

At parties, assign several adults to change “shifts” so one person doesn’t always get stuck watching the kids and the kids are never left without supervision.

2. Fences

There should be a locked fence or barrier around the pool at all times, and only the homeowners should have a key. It should not be a barrier that’s easy to climb, either. If possible, have an alarm system set up so if the gate is open, you are alerted.

3. Check Local Requirements

Most communities and homeowners’ insurance companies have safety requirements for backyard pools. Make sure you are in compliance with these requirements.

4. Telephone

There should be a telephone as close to the poolside as possible. Whenever the pool is in use, a portable handset or cell phone should be nearby.

5. Look in the Pool First

Have a policy in your home and neighborhood that any time a child is missing, the pool will be the first place you look. Time is of the essence when there is a risk of drowning.

6. Basic Swimming Skills

Teach everyone in your family basic water survival skills, like treading water and getting to the side of the pool. Of course, the goal is for everyone to know how to swim and be comfortable in the water; but sometimes that takes time. Basic skills can be taught pretty easily and quickly.

7. Alarms

As mentioned above, installing an alarm on the pool fence’s gate is a good safety measure. In addition, you can install pool alarms as well, and window alarms if your pool connects to the side of your house.

8. Lifesaving Skills

Everyone in your family who is old enough should know the basics of CPR and how to treat a drowning victim.

9. Spas

Spas and hot tubs can also pose a danger. Have a locked cover over your spa when not in use, and make sure that little ones are watched closely so they do not tumble in.

With some simple but specific precautions, you can have a safe, fun summer around your residential pool.