"Uncover The Secrets To Getting Kids To Cooperate Without Nagging, Haggling or Bribingg"

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Dear Parent,

You’ve no doubt got an arsenal full of tools to help with raising kids. You chat with friends and coworkers, get online to conduct research, read our newsletters and website and you may even have some parenting books on your bookshelf.  There truly is a wealth of infomration available to help with raising responsible, well balanced children.

But even with all of this information, chances are you may find yourself resorting to old, ineffective parenting habits. We all do it at times, especially when we are tired, sick, busy or just plain frustrated. Instead of being proactive, we resort to nagging, haggling, begging or bribing for kids to do what we ask of them.

We know you are a busy parent and don't have time to read huge books or reports so we've put together a short 7-page guide with a list of 10 things you can do to get your kids to cooperate.

Inside, you’ll learn…

tick.gif The #1 thing that will help you grab and hold your child's attention.

tick.gif Why tones and voices matter & how you can to apply them.

tick.gif A two-step process for avoiding power struggles with your child.

tick.gif 3 steps to getting you child to listen.

tick.gif How to create win/win situations when issues arise.

...and more!

Even if you only have the occasional power struggle, I urge you to give this short report a read. I think you’ll agree that having the knowledge to tackle issues as they arise is much better than handing a situtation poorly then searching for answers.

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