Simple Ways To Parent Without Anger: A Sneak Peek At Our Class

In our 2 part series, Simple Ways To Parent Without Anger, we talked a lot about what anger is. We all know that anger can be the cause of a slew of problems. Including heart disease, depression, and anxiety. It also can contribute to unstable homes, poor job performance and even car accidents. However, we learned that there is a positive side to anger, that anger can actually sometimes help us. We spent some time discussing the hidden benefit of anger.

Many parents express confusion about the anger that seems to come hand in hand with parenting. Most parents feel that before they had kids they were more laid back. We took some time to understand the changes that occur when we become parents. We learned how those changes could contribute to feelings of anger.

We also discussed ways to stay calm when you are dealing with tantrums, fighting and backtalk. We learned one simple way to get rid of anger in small, easy, doable steps and tackled the following questions:

  • My biggest frustration is when my daughter doesn’t follow my directions the first time I give them.  Are my expectations realistic? How many times should I tell her?
  • How do I get the 3 children who are old enough to know better (2, 4, 5 years old) to cooperate when we have a busy schedule of going to stores or getting to school or getting dressed on their own, etc.
  • At what point should I seek professional help?

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