Steer Your Child Clear of Obesity

Steer Your Child Clear of Obesity

If health is important to you, you are probably already making wise choices for yourself, but you should also know the impact you can have on your children. Being the one who makes the majority of choices when it comes to food and lifestyle activities, you have the power to influence your children to make the same choices. By concentrating on a just few principles, you will keep your child from the dangers of obesity

Be Active

Your child will learn more from what you do than what you say, so if they see you exercising, they will take note. This does not mean they will immediately begin their own regime, but they will see the positive results of it and eventually follow your example. Also, make it a family affair. Go for family walks, bike rides or hikes in the mountains. If you make it a fun activity they will associate positive feelings with exercise and will be more likely to incorporate it in their lifestyle.

Make Wise Food Choices

As a parent, it’s important to not only buy the right foods, but teach your children as you prepare them the positive impact they will have. Teach them the benefit of eating whole grains, natural beef and organic fruits and vegetables. In the same vein, teach them the negative consequences of too much refined sugar, saturated and trans fats. Your lessons may not stick overnight, but with persistence they will begin to understand that they have the power to keep their body healthy.

Don’t Go Overboard

As with any good in parenting, there is the danger of going overboard. By concentrating too much on the benefits of eating right and the dangers of eating poorly, you may fall into the pit of teaching poor body image. Do not bring up the need to be thin or scare your child into eating right by mentioning the dangers of being overweight. You will have more effective, long term success when you simply teach the benefits of eating right with regards to our organs working effectively, our brain more clear, our skin more nourished and maintaining energy at consistent levels.

We know the dangers of obesity and want our children to steer clear of them. By remembering these principles on a daily basis, staying positive and educating them we will make a healthy impact that will last their whole life.

Guest post by:  Lance William.  Lance loves everything from snowboarding, to reading, to building websites. He enjoys writing articles on fun and unique topics and appreciates when other enjoy what he writes.

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