Summer Art Projects for Kids

It’s been hot everywhere these past few weeks. And while summer is fun for the kids, it’s hard for parents to come up with enough activities to keep the kids occupied.

If you’re looking for some summer activities for those really hot days, when you really want to be inside , here are some art projects for kids.

We’ll help you turn household objects into paint supplies, help you create pillowcase paintings, and get you started with scrapbooks.

The great supply hunt

no mater where you live, you’re likely to have an abundance of household objects sitting around, and those objects make great improvised supplies for art projects for your kids. Be creative! Have some cotton swabs hidden away in the bathroom? They make fantastic paint brushes, as do cotton balls, toothpicks, and even a spare toothbrush.

If you’re looking for texture, look no further than your kitchen. It’s a wonderland of household objects that make great painting accessories. We’ll start at the sink. See that sponge? It’s perfect for adding texture to any art project. And how about the lid from a sour cream container. That will make a stencil for drawing circles. Cookie cutters also make good stencils: just make sure to wash them clean before the next baking session.

Here’s a few more ideas: an old spray bottle works great for spraying on water-based paints; loofahs and old doilies add texture, as do corks out of your wine bottle. If you wander outside, leaves and twigs can work as stamps and brushes, too. Use your imagination and you’ll turn your house into an endless supply closet.

The perfect canvas

Now that your kids have all their art supplies, they need a canvas to work on their masterpiece. Since we’re already collecting our supplies from around the house, why don’t we sneak into the bedroom to find the perfect canvas: an old pillowcase. The beauty of this as a canvas is after they’re done with the painting, the kids have their very own, custom-made pillowcase.

For this project, tempera paints work well, because they’re fast-drying and water-soluble, so cleanup is a breeze. It’s summertime, so take those pillowcases outside and lay them out on the grass. If you have a fence or clothesline, you can hang it up like a mural. Now get out those paints, brushes, stencils, and other fun things we made and get the kids painting. Don’t worry about mistakes because you can spray down the pillowcase with a hose and start over!

Record the moments

Make the whole thing a game for the kids – finding supplies around the house, and then taking it outside and painting. For even more fun, record the whole thing with photographs. The next time you’re looking to keep the kids entertained, pull out the pictures, some scissors, glue, and construction paper, and start a scrapbook party. Have the kids make three pages: one for finding the supplies, one for painting their pillowcase, and one of the finished project. Then take a three-hole punch and some yarn, and you can bind their pages into their very own scrapbook.

Summer art projects for kids don’t have to include an expensive shopping spree. With a little thought, you can turn your household objects into a supply closet, turn your linens into canvases, and make your own homemade scrapbooks.

Do you have any other ideas? What projects have you done with your kids this summer?

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