Summer Bridge Activities: Fun Remedial & Extended Summer Learning

Amazon ImageWhen returning from summer break, children often seem to have a hard time remembering material that they just learned the year before. You can help your child begin each school year better prepared for something new with help from the Summer Bridge Activities series.

Summer is for fun right?  Yes, but that doesn’t mean that learning has to stop either. Summer Bridge Activities provides activities and exercises to reinforce the information learned in the previous grade. Through daily lessons kids can retain and sharpen their skills in math, reading, and many more areas.

Each one of of the grade specific books in the series contains 12 weeks of activities for kids that keep them busy and entertained. You can plan summer learning Monday through Friday or as often as you like. It only takes a few minutes each day to keep the previously taught information fresh in their minds. You may even want to use the subjects to extend their learning experiences throughout their summer break.

Included in the 12 week program is activities covering multiple subject areas and even extended topics. Kids will enjoy the material and fun while while parents will enjoy the included answer key and peace of mind that the children will retain more of what they learned in school.

Strengthen your child’s academic skills during school breaks with the help of  Summer Bridge Activities Books. Click on either of the books below or see the entire selection available at Amazon. From Pre-K & Kindergarten to 7th & 8th grade activities, Find the Activity Book that’s right for your child.

Amazon ImageAmazon Image

If you’ve used these, please feel free to share your experience below by letting others know what you liked and would change about a specific Summer Bridge Activity Book.

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