Summer Fun with The Kids

Guest post by Liz at Playsmart UK, who install safety surfacing for children’s play

There is a wealth of games and activities to enjoy with your children this year-
don’t feel daunted by the stretch of school holidays, this is an opportunity to
make the most of your time together. There are family days out to be had, or
plenty of pastimes to keep the little ones entertained over the summer. Here are
just a few suggestions:

Outdoor Play

The summer months mean long, hot afternoons in the garden or local park, if
you don’t have any outside space at the house. Children generally love to get
involved with nature, so why not let them grow their own plants? Sunflowers
are relatively easy to grow and children can compete to have the tallest. Apart
from this, there is bird watching to enjoy, drawing in nature or just making daisy
chains. If you want to invest in outdoor play equipment, climbing frames, slides
or a simple sand pit are firm favorites.

Traditional Games

Bring the fun of the school playground home for the holidays- let the kids invite
some friends round and play some games. ‘Tag” is a perennial choice, but
try “What’s the Time Mr. Wolf?” “Duck, Duck, Goose” or “Hide and Seek”. Children
love it when adults take the time to be silly- plus, the energy used up means
bedtime is easier!

Zoo Trips

Take kids to the zoo and help them learn about animals. Conservation programs
are often based at zoos and baby animals are often born in the spring and
summer months. Seeing the younger animals is often very educational, besides
which they are very cute!


The freedom to pack up a hamper full of food and a blanket is something you
don’t have in the winter, so enjoy it while you can. Take jam sandwiches, fairy
cakes and other items of your child’s favorite food- and mealtimes become fun!
Just make sure to take juice boxes rather than cups for juice and squash- spilt
drinks are a haven for ants and wasps!

So there you have just a small taste of what’s on offer – but all you need to do is
keep an eye out for local events for families and you’ll be surprised at what else
pops up. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

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