Taking Care of Young Children While Pregnant

Guest post by:  Tania Tod

Are you expecting again, and also have small kids to take care of? Pregnancy,
particularly its early stages, can be exhausting, and looking after a toddler can soon
become overwhelming if you have another little one on the way. What can you do
when your child wants to play with you right when you really feel like taking a
nap? How will being sensitive to smells and potty training go together? The answer
is that it is not always easy, but with a few adjustments you can still keep everyone

My daughter was 18 months old when I got pregnant again, with my son. The first
trimester was trying. As I was getting used to pregnancy signs that I had long
forgotten again, particularly pregnancy nausea and vomiting, fatigue, frequent
urination, and mood swings, my toddler seemed to become ever more demanding.
When I wanted to sleep, she wanted to play. When I needed to throw up, she
wanted the potty. And when I was feeling emotionally vulnerable, she wanted my
undivided attention.

After the initial period during which both of us had to get used to the fact that
things were rapidly changing at our house, things were fine though. You might
know that certain pregnancy symptoms go away after a couple of months, but your
child might wonder if mommy will ever be the same again. Depending on your
child’s age, explaining why you are feeling the way you do, and reading books that
explain pregnancy to kids, can really help. After my daughter realized that mommy
was tired because she was growing her little brother or sister, she actually became
more understanding.

When you feel really tired and are at home with your young child all day,
snuggling up in the big bed together and reading books or even playing on the
computer can be a wonderful solution. During these times, even planting your child
in front of a good DVD can work wonders. If your child still naps during the day,
napping when he or she does is an obvious suggestion. Unless you are
uncomfortable or have certain medical problems, picking up toddlers or carrying
them is perfectly fine during pregnancy. If you used to carry your child all the time

but stop because you are pregnant, that might well lead to tantrums and sadness.
Keeping your older child close will let her know that not all that much changed.

The single best suggestion I can give to expectant mothers who also have older
children is to stop stressing about everything being perfect, and just to go with the
flow. You are pregnant and have a child or children – it is perfectly fine if the
house is a bit messy at times, or if you have to order take-out on occasion. Relax,
because everything will be OK.


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