Thanks for Walking the Talk

mother-daughter-walk-tinyParents are the ultimate role model for children. Yes, many other people can influence kids but it’s parents and parent figures who form the basis of a child’s core beliefs. This isn’t done simply by talking about rules or what should be done but by taking ACTION! In essence, parents must lead by example and walk the talk.

By talking to me, my parents gave me the intellectual understanding I needed about different situations and problems. When they showed me how to put certain techniques and solutions into practice, it’s then that I fully understood how to make their good advice or suggestion work in everyday life.

If we, as parents, expect our children to make good choices and do the “right thing,” we can’t afford leave it up to chance. We need to let the kids hear us talk it out, getting a sneak peek into our reasoning/thought process, and see us follow our own words of wisdom – over and over.

I’m so thankful for my for my parents going the extra mile and walking the talk. I’m also thankful for my friend who shared his thoughts and reminded me how easy it is to talk and how much dedication it can take to walk the right path. He is truly amazing.

Did your parents lead by example? Please leave a comment to tell us about it.

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