Time Management for Kids

Effective Time Management skills will allow children to have more time for chores, hobbies, and play!

Educating and encouraging your children to practice time management can be fun and practical. When you are able to help them better manage their time, it can be enormously helpful to you as well. Teaching your kids time management now will undoubtedly help them have a more productive life in the future.


Start out by getting the right tools for your kids. Get them a calendar, either a desk calendar or a wall calendar which fits well in their room. Attach a string with a pen or marker to use on the calendar. Help them mark off important events, such as project due dates, test dates, and parties.

Teach your kids to avoid procrastinating until the night before projects or tests to start working on them. Model advance preparation personally, and demonstrate how you get ready prior to approaching deadlines.  Help youngsters realize that starting ahead of time will help them to accomplish projects sooner, entail less stress, and will yield higher quality results

Create a routine for effective time management for kids. Set up a specific time and place for homework and recreation. Ensure that they complete their homework prior to playing games or watching television. Once homework has been completed, children can help with household chores and then relax. Generally kids have less energy as the evening progresses, so having them complete it earlier rather than later will be more effective.

Lead your kids by being a good example of effective time management.  As a parent, you cannot help them to practice time management if you are not using these skills personally.  Children learn far more by watching your behavior than listening to your lectures, so brush up on your own skills to help them learn better ways to manage their time.  You will reap many rewards:  more harmony, less rushing, eliminating last-minute stress, and greater efficiency in your entire household.

Teach your children to break large projects into several small steps.  Anyone can eat an elephant- if it has been sliced thinly enough!  Take a big project like a report, and divide it into 5 or 10 simple steps with your child.  This will turn the proverbial mountain back into a molehill!

Encourage your children to keep a time diary and measure how long common tasks take to accomplish.  Kids often underestimate the amount of time that has been spent on a fun activity and overestimate the time it takes to do a boring chore.  Logging time will give your children a realistic frame of reference to gauge the time needed for specific tasks.

Teach your children to get ready the night before – think of evenings as elastic and mornings as rigid time periods.

Use containers and organizing caddies to keep related supplies together.  Have a box for homework supplies, a cup for teeth-cleaning supplies, and a basket for hobby supplies.

Cook and bake together.  You will bond over delicious, fresh foods, and learn to use measuring spoons and cups.  A measuring cup is a great parable for our time; there is only a limited amount of it that can be fit into a specific space or time period!  More than one cup of flour in the 1-cup measuring cup will cause overflowing; more than X amount of activities in the day will cause stress and over-scheduling!

Provide rewards for small accomplishments to motivate your child to follow through on enhancing her organizational skills.  I bought myself a recliner after 25 consecutive days of waking up with the first ring of my alarm; take this concept to the things that are difficult for your child, and have her earn something she really wants and gain valuable skills simultaneously!

Help your children set goals so that they can learn to prioritize their usage of time, and learn to say “no” to things that will eat up their time without producing any benefits.



Time management for children

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  1. I have been trying to help my kids stay organized with their homework, knapsacks, and all their stuff… to no avail… You are correct that I need to be a better model!

  2. Role modeling is the best way to teach kids, hmmm, so I can blame my messiness on my parents now… Seriously, our family needs your book now, things are very hectic and disorganized, thanx, Jim

  3. Thanks for this!

    Julie, mom of 3

  4. All good ideas. In addition, each of the kids have chores for each day of the week. Works out great!

  5. Hi, I wish that there were some excerpts from this book that we could read here, before purchasing. THanks!!

  6. Hi,

    Just wanted to say thank you so much, your tips on time management for kids is so practical just like every other topic on raising small souls, we as parents also gain alot and your tips give us wonderful ideas to better ourselves and make our children better in so many ways because if you can manage your time, so much can be accomplished.
    Thanks again.

  7. father of 1 (soon): says:

    thanks for this, i am only 17 but will need this for the future!

  8. Ellen , Your tips on time management have been a great way to save time so I can spend more time with my grandkids. They now help with the clean-up (of toys) in a timely manner without having to ask them a dozen times.We now have more time with each other.

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