Travel With Kids: The Basics to Consider

Guest post by:  Jennifer Williams

Traveling with children requires a bit or creativity and a lot of organization. It helps
tremendously if you make checklists and pack things in groups so that you don’t forget
any vitally necessary items.

Air travel has changed significantly in the past decade and can cause complications
especially when you’re traveling with kids. There are many rules governing the size and
content of a passenger’s luggage. Also, a checklist is required to keep track of the kinds
of items that are acceptable to bring on board any flight and ensure no violation is made.

With children, the rules are even more stringent. Follow these quick tips to ensure that
everything is in order:

– If you have things like medications, juices, formula, breast milk and baby food, simply
notify the security checkpoint personnel of this and present them for inspection. The
items are not required to be in a zip-top bag and can exceed three ounces or more, within

– Baby items like gels or teething toys that are liquid-filled can be stored in your carry-
on flight baggage. Also, any canned or jarred baby food can go on board as well. These
items will be visually inspected, and possibly passed through X-ray security.

– Child equipment such as diaper bags and strollers will go through X-ray security before
being permitted onto the plane. Each item will be inspected for safety. If the equipment
cannot fit onto the X-ray belt, it will be taken off to the side so that security can inspect
more closely.

– If any items do not meet security clearance, the officers will either discard them or
you will be asked to dispose of them in some way, as they will not be allowed onto the
plane. This usually happens if the equipment is faulty and has exposed edges that can
be harmful or could be used as a weapon. Be prepared. Items that are allowed through
the initial security checkpoint may be subject to additional X-ray screening at another
checkpoint. There can be three or more checkpoints at various airports.

– Speed up the metal detector inspection by walking through separately from your child.
If you have a baby, security officers will require that you remove your child from the
stroller to be screened individually.

After making it on and off the plane and through airport security, there is another thing
to consider: lodging. If you’re traveling with little ones (and even if you’re traveling
without children), do yourself and your traveling neighbors a favor and forgo the hotel

Kids need room to move around and be, well, kids. In hotel settings, that’s virtually
impossible, but with a vacation rental, you can let them run and play and you don’t have

to worry about them annoying anyone else.

Plus, you’ll have plenty of areas to hide your children’s toys/bags/carriers/ etc if you
decide to have people over while you’re there.

Not to mention, the addition of children can escalate your hotel bill to unholy
proportions. Vacation rentals are often the better choice and have more freedom when it
comes to who can stay in one single rental. Keep all these tips in mind, and traveling with
your children will be less than a small headache.

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