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As a parent of two young adults and a former educator, I know many of the challenges parents & children face. Over the years of raising my children, talking with other parents and using my educational training, I have accumulated knowledge that can help families overcome some of these challenges. This information I will gladly share with you here at Raising Small Souls.

Every child is different and as such, it’s important to allow each child to find his or her own personality; to define who they are. It’s also important for parents, grandparents and other adults to help guide children down the right path. To do this, families need to have access to an authoritative source of information that can assist them with guiding the children who put so much trust and faith in us. Our goal at Raising Small Souls is to offer this information so you can raise happy, successful children.

If you have not yet done so, you can watch Raising Small Souls’ popular movie, “Animal School” to gain parenting insights. I have a duck and a bear and proudly report that they are both happy adults who are creating their own path to success. It hasn’t come without challenges, but as a family, we faced those challenges and found ways to overcome them.

What are your goals for your child? I think we can all agree that we want our children to be successful. However, I ask you; how do you define ‘success’?

Is a successful child one who is financially well-off? What if she becomes wealthy and does not have successful relationships; would that child be considered a ‘success’? Or, how about the child who grows up to fulfill his dream of being an illustrator, yet ends up living the lifestyle of a starving artist? Is a successful child the child that is happy? What if he is happy to be leading a life of illegal activities? What are the factors that ultimately characterize our children as successful people?

After years of dealing with many different children, it is my belief that ‘success’ can be defined by a child actualizing his potential. When your child grows up to be all that he can be, that is a success, a product of effective parenting.

This begs a new set of questions: How do we know what our child’s potential is? Where can we learn about our child’s innate skills and talents, and how can we channel their energies in productive manners?

The fact is that each child is as unique as their fingerprints, and it would be impossible to provide you with personal, one-on-one advice. However, I will share with you general parenting advice that is timeless and effective within this website. I will share advice from experts in a variety of fields. I will share with you my own challenges, successes and failures. It is up to you to get to know your child at a deeper level; one that will allow you to intuitively guide them towards their potential.

How many of these questions can you answer right now?

    1. Who is your child’s best friend?
    2. Who is his greatest hero?
    3. What are her heartfelt dreams?
    4. What is his favorite activity?
    5. What is your child’s most precious possession?
    6. Which talent would she hope to have?
    7. What attributes of his personality does he consider unique?
    8. If she is in the middle of reading a book, do you know its title?
    9. When was the last time he got really angry, and has he gotten over the incident yet?
    10. Who is her favorite teacher, and what is her best subject in school?

If you do not know some answers, don’t worry. You can start getting to know your child more deeply today!

As a parent, I beg you, please don’t let any child you know become a Kangaroo – the one that is discouraged and gives up because they are not appreciated.

Raising Small Souls is here to offer you practical parenting tips and advice to help your child be a success.

To our children’s success,

Melody Spier

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  1. Good luck to both of you as you take over this wonderful and important site.
    The question, ‘How do you define success?’ is crucial. For in the answer lies the blueprint for how we parent our kids today. I will be discussing this a bit in my teleconference class in October, on character building.