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What Teachers MakeTeaching has dramatically changed over the past 100 years. In the past, teachers were told who to teach, what to teach, when to teach it and how to teach. They would stand in front of students and deliver the same information, year after year.

Today, things are much different. Teachers are encouraged to adopt new practices and adapt to the constantly changing needs of their students. They work harder to get to know each student so they can understand the child’s learning style and abilities. Only then can they do their job to the best of their ability.

Whether you like the ‘old school’ teaching methods or the ‘new generation’ teaching trends, one thing we can all agree on is that teachers play an integral role in the development of children. Their teachings and inspiration often yield a profound change within their students.

To show our appreciation to teachers around the world, we bring you What a Teacher Makes. Adapted with permission from the original story teller, Taylor Mali, this video reflects the myriad of ways that teachers contribute to the life-long success of their students.

Our hope is that this video will inspire and motivate educators to approach their complex tasks with pride, passion, and professionalism. We hope that it will give them renewed pride and passion for their often under-appreciated jobs when they take a closer look at what they really do make.


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