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Time Management Tips For Parents

Parents are always struggling with time, and any help that they can get is always welcome, especially with newer parents. They want to maximize their time as much as they can to do as much as they can. Life is tiring and time-consuming, but having a child adds more to the issue since children require plenty of attention and time. However, there are some interesting ways to learn how to juggle time and tasks properly. While it will always be tiring, it is better to optimize things to learn how to better utilize our time to perform as many tasks as possible without getting burned out and feeling exhausted at the same time. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look.


One of the key things that you can do to better optimize your time is taking a look at everything that you have to do and prioritize things into two categories, what can wait and what can’t. Better yet for the most benefits, I would recommend you to separate them into three columns, things that need to be taken care of as soon as possible or immediately, things that you can get done during the week, and monthly or long term tasks that aren’t a priority but need to taken care of when you have time.

Meal Planning

Planning meals can seem like a time-consuming task, however, it is better to plan all the meals for the whole week, take a look at the needed ingredients, and shop for the whole week, then trying to wing it every day and discovering that you have no onions or minced meat left in the fridge, which is a nightmare. Tons of smartphone apps available can help you plan meals for the whole week and will tell you exactly what you need, utilize them, stick to the plan, and reap the benefits.

Teach Children Chores

This is a very overlooked aspect of time-saving, as most parents prefer to do the thing themselves since children do it pretty slowly. However, one thing that we tend to forget is that this is a long term game, and while you may lose a little time for a week, if you manage to teach your child to take his/her plate and place it in the dishwasher will save you an immense amount of time. There are tons of guides as to what can you teach your children to help you around the house, and on top of this, children that are accustomed to doing chores are more responsible, independent and develop discipline and good habits.

Set Routines and Keep a To-Do List

This intertwines with the first tip that I gave you prioritization. As soon as you prioritize your tasks, you should set daily routines for you and your children, so you know exactly what should be done, and surprisingly children adopt routines pretty quickly. The to-do list is a must in every house, and it is nice to keep a physical copy in a visible place to remind you of tasks that need to be completed.

Be Smart About Multi-Tasking

What I want to say with this is that you cannot always multi-task and you will most likely burn your self out and be exhausted all the time, instead think smartly about what you can multi-task without being in a rush, and stick to the plan.

Set a Playtime with your Children

While all the things come and go, chores, school, meals, work, children require playtime. While they can do that alone, I would suggest you to use this time to bond with them. It is also pretty fun and I couldn’t have imagined how nice it feels to build Lego buildings with a 2-year-old child.

Dedicate time for yourself

You should do everything for your children, but never forget dedicating a little time for yourself, since it is important for your well being, and children always get these things before everything. They sense when you are not in the mood and they get sad, so always dedicate time for yourself, be it for the gym, reading for a while or going for drinks once in a while do it, have fun.

Buy accessories to make things easier for you

Everything is much easier right now if we compare it to the past. People now have invented many accessories to make our lifes easier, and we wrote some buying guides for them. In my opinion, the most important ones are baby bottle sterilizers and blenders for baby food. Getting these will make it easier and less time consuming for you to prepare food for them.

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