Hello From Kimberly!

Hi! I am Kimberly, living in Huntington, NY. I’ve raised 4 beautiful children, and i started this blog to help new and upcoming mothers with parenting. On this blog, i share everything I’ve learned during the hard years of growing my children. Raising 4 children was not easy, but i would do it again if i had the chance, because they were the best years of my life.

I’ve learned my parenting skills from my own parents, because they also have successfully grown 4 children! I guess good parenting runs through our family 🙂

Hello From Sille!

Hi! I am Sille. Originally from Berlin, but i moved to Mountain View, CA when i was 13 years old. When i was 22, i met my wonderful husband with whom i was able to become a parent of 3 amazing children. I’ve learnt a lot along the way, and i am a part-time writer for this blog. I want the best for my children, and so does every mother.

When it comes to raising children, there’s a lot to learn! I’m here to share everything i learnt along the way.

My children are my world, and ever since i became a mother for the first time, I’ve been the happiest person on earth!

Hello From Andrea!

I am the daughter of parents that brought 8 amazing children to this world! I was the oldest one, so i’ve seen and learnt a lot while my parents were raising my siblings.

I am originally from Copenhagen, Denmark. I became a mother 2 years ago and I’ve been successfully raising my beautiful daughter using the skills and methods i learnt from my parents!

In this blog, i will share everything i know about parenting, breastfeeding, pregnancy and more!

When i learn new things, i share them in this blog and on my twitter, so make sure to follow me!

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