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Fun & Engaging Activities for a 10 Month Old

Advanced brain development, speaking and walking on their own are not necessarily typical for a 10 month old.

However, at this stage of their development, 10 month olds become aware of their surroundings and they are able to babble a few sounds.

Sitting straight on their own is also another ability of 10 month olds which allows the parents to include certain activities to keep their babies engaged during the day.

Main Points

  • 10 month olds are aware of their surroundings, they are able to babble a few sounds as well as sit up straight on their own.
  • Children at the age of 10 month old are able to use their hands in a proper way.
  • Reading bedtime stories to 10 month olds can improve their sense of memory.
  • Sorting different objects by color or shape such as toys can significantly contribute to the development of problem-solving skills for 10 month olds.
  • Because of the ability of 10 month olds to use their hands, they can easily imitate gestures for improving their cognitive skills.

Activities for a 10 Month Old

10 month olds are able to use their hands by this age, sit straight as well as having a general awareness of the environment they are in. For this reason, parents are able to do many activities with a 10 month old which can be both fun and educational such as reading bedtime stories, sorting toys by color and shape as well as imitating movements.

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Bedtime Stories for Memory Improvement

Reading to 10 month olds is proven to be very effective when it comes to the improvement of their memory development. A good way of implementing reading into the activities of your 10 month old is by finding good bedtime stories.

While talking to 10 month olds can significantly improve their language and speaking skills, reading to them out loud can also help them develop a good sense of memory. Including different expressions and imitations can also help your 10 month old understand the story easily.

Visual representation of stories such as identifying certain characters with a specific story can help your 10 month old memorize the contents and understand what you as a parent are trying to say.

Finding good bedtime stories can also include colorful books or magazines that can be eye-catching to your 10 month old. This will motivate your child to reach for them and try to find out what is inside while being inspired by the different pictures that may be included in the story.

Sorting Toys for Problem-Solving Skills

When your baby is only a few months old, it only takes few toys to keep them occupied and engaged in activities. However, when your baby reaches 10 months of age, they require more advanced activities than simply playing with their toys.

Although 10 month olds do not have a sense of developing problem-solving skills, a good way to encourage the start of this process is sorting out their toys. You as a parent can help your 10 month old sort their toys by color or shape.

Demonstrating how the toys should be sorted out will lead your 10 month old to do it by themselves. Identifying and recognizing toys that have the same color and shape can be easily encouraged by the parents by giving clear examples to their 10 month olds.

Sorting the toys is a great activity for 10 year olds that can help them think and solve problems on their own by arranging the toys according to color or shape.

The development of problem-solving skills is recommended to be encouraged to children from an early age such as 10 months old.

Movement Imitation for Cognitive Skills Improvement

Paying attention to what the people around them are doing is connected to the development of cognitive skills for 10 month olds. The ability to imitate movements is connected to their capability of using their hands and remembering certain visual gestures.

In order to improve the cognitive skills of your 10 month old, you as a parent can make movements or gestures and encourage your child to imitate them by demonstrating how they should be done.

A good way of encouraging your 10 month old to imitate your movements may be by turning this simple activity into a game.

Start by demonstrating simple movements such as shaking your head and then slowly make the movements more challenging for example counting on your fingers.

Following your lead and imitating your movements can significantly contribute to the improvement of the cognitive skills when it comes to your 10 month old.

It is a very easy activity that every parent can do and it can surely lead to your baby giggling and also having fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

What activities should a 10 month old be doing?

Because of the reason that 10 month olds are able to sit straight, babble and crawl, parents have a lot of room for experimentation with different activities. Among some of the best activities for 10 month olds are reading stories in their presence, sorting or organizing toys by color and shape as well as encouraging them to imitate your movements.

How long should a 10 month old play alone?

A 10 month old child is still considered to be a baby. For this reason a 10 month old should not be left unsupervised for more than 15 or 20 minutes in order to make sure that your baby is playing safely without any risks involved.

What motor skills should a 10 month old have?

10 month olds can easily use their hands to play with their toys by this age as well as imitate movements that are demonstrated to them by their parents.

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Final Words

Parents should encourage their 10 month old babies to use their hands in performing different activities such as sorting their toys and imitating movements.

In this way, the muscles can be activated and their sense of touch and vision can be significantly improved. Reading bedtime stories can help your 10 month old sleep better as well as develop their memory.

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